Previously, in our expert series to exhibiting, we discussed how graphics can drive footfall and create a visible ROI at an exhibition.  When it comes to AV use on stands, the questions we usually receive from clients revolve around the size, number and position of tv screens, however with the advancements in accessible technology that we’ve seen in recent years and with prices continuing to fall, you should be considering AV alternatives to bring that wow factor to your exhibiting presence.


Let the content lead you!

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: choose your messages to make the most of each medium and bear in mind that what works in one space, may not have the same impact in another.

Some people fall into the trap of simply rehashing existing messages, such as an introductory “Who we are and what we do” video from a corporate website and replay it on a screen, or indeed several screens on an exhibition stand. This is all very well, but exhibitions are about creating meaningful interactions with businesses and getting them to engage with your brand in a matter of a few seconds. Don’t waste the opportunity to create a bigger impact when the technology is available, and increasingly accessible in terms of cost.

AV provides that opportunity to immediately capture the attention and engage with customers during an exhibition. It’s an area where LED screens and interactive technologies such as VR, AR, robotics and social media integration can open up new and imaginative ways to deliver marketing messaging in an exciting and engaging manner, but where do you start?






Drive visibility with large screens

LED screens, long considered to be prohibitively expensive for many, are rapidly becoming more cost effective and offer unrivalled brightness as well as the flexibility to be moulded into a shape that can fit the particular contours of a stand. At Clements and Street we work with specialist agencies such as Smart AV to assist you in crafting a message to make the most of the media that technologies such as AV can now offer.




Create compelling journeys with VR

Virtual Reality headsets allow you to craft a message in the form of a story or journey in which the wearer can be immersed in a process with life-like authenticity.

Naturally, some journeys are more exciting than others; for example, if your goal is to demonstrate the key USP’s or generate sales enquiries for a high-speed vehicle, one can allow the customer to experience the sensations of travel at high speed with all the thrills that such a journey entails. Judicious placement of fans, linking their operation into the story portrayed on the headset, can augment the journey providing, literally, a “blow your hair back” experience.

Combining a VR headset with a  screens on the stand allow the images seen by the wearer to be projected on to a much larger screen, such as an LED video wall, thereby allowing all visitors to the stand to see what the wearer is experiencing, although the wearer remains in control of what is on view, with each movement of their head changing what is being displayed both on the headset and the larger screen.

More prosaic uses of VR headsets might include a walk-through of a new manufacturing process, allowing visitors to gain first-hand insight into innovations being deployed at a distant plant from the convenience of an exhibition stand.


As Darren Poultney, founder and CEO of Smart AV, puts it:

 “Exhibitions are an unmissable chance to offer a new experience to visitors, as well as create meaningful interactions with your brand. We are seeing more and more clients integrate ‘immersive’ AV into their stand design from the very first planning phase to create unforgettable moments and seamless integration. With our wide range of event technology, we can give stand designers and builders infinite design opportunities.

 “From creative LED structures to interactive event tech, creating an immersive space doesn't have to be complex. We've seen virtual reality, for example, go beyond the headset by using LED walls able to display the virtual content to passerbys and visitors on the stand”

“The beauty of using our event technology is that it can always be transformed into something unique. There’s no limit when it comes to innovative AV at exhibitions.”


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