Once you’ve made the commitment to exhibit at an industry event, you need to think about the execution and how you maximise the chances of meeting all of your exhibition objectives.

Your stand will become the focal point of all your efforts - so you need to allocate time to plan how it looks, and functions and the tools needed to be deployed to support your sales team.. 


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 Finding the right partner

Do your research! Don’t just Google “design agency” and hope for the best. Recommendations from trusted sources are often some of the best ways to identify and recruit the right creative team

There are 3 ways to approach having a stand designed.

  • Use an independent stand designer
  • Use a creative agency
  • Engage a specialist stand design and build company


ESSA is the trade body representing the very best suppliers of goods and services to the events industry and a useful tool for helping direct you to creating a shortlist of companies to approach.


Writing your brief


Once you have made your selection, communicating your specific needs to your stand-design partner is all important. Writing a successful design brief will increase the chances of establishing a presence that best executes your exhibition strategy.

The clearer the instructions, the fewer will be the iterations between yourself and the partner company - although some toing and froing is inevitable and essential.

Some questions you will need to consider include;

  • What are your key objectives?
  • What is it that you’re trying to achieve at the exhibition? i.e. raising brand awareness, driving direct sales, making contacts for long-term strategic sales etc.?
  • Will you be launching a new product or service at the show?
  • Will you have a visitor experience or other on-stand activity?

Other more administrative and educational information you’ll need to supply should include details of your company and its history, including a link to your corporate website.

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Location, location, location

Consider usage and relocation. Is your stand to be used at just one show or do you intend to use the same stand across multiple events and locations. Clements and Street for example, have offices across the world which means if you are exhibiting both in the UK and overseas, you can work with a single trusted supplier and reuse the same stand in multiple locations.

Use the expertise of the designer to ask about how the stand could be adapted for different orientations and sizes. Also think about the location of your stand in relation to the event itself and internal event features such as catering, theatres and entrances. 


Final design considerations

For this there are many, but here is a quick list to get your creative process flowing;

  • What space have you selected for your exhibition stand; is it open on one, two, three or four sides?
  • What sort of on-stand capabilities do you need, e.g. display cabinets, literature racks, audio-visual screens, music and a PA system, and on-stand hospitality? Bear in mind that these choices will affect the power, water, internet and waste requirements.
  • What branding, advertising and marketing materials will be showcased and are there any campaign specifics to which the stand should be linked?


The big finale

You should aim to finish the brief with a short conclusion, which detailed timelines, pre-event expectations and ETA’s for visuals. This will tell your creative partner exactly what it is you would like to receive from the workflow and by what date.

Finally, stay in touch! Close co-operation with your service partner will always deliver the best results.

And to make the process even more simple for you, we’ve culminated 30 years of intricate stand design and build experience into a comprehensive briefing document, which can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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