Double deck stands are not the first consideration for exhibitors when looking at stand designs, but sometimes necessity and practicality demand the need to consider expanding the available space.

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Forescout are leaders in network and IOT security and have been gradually growing their presence at Infosec Europe over a number of years.  In 2018, Forescout needed to look at expanding their current 40sqm footprint but available floorspace meant options to move were limited.  

Having a double-decker stand enables your company to maximise space with extra meeting rooms and hospitality areas. But designing and building them requires experience, technical expertise and a good relationship with show organisers, due to the extra health & safety requirements.  Clements and Street are experts in building large, impressive exhibition stands and we’ve been doing this with huge success for over 40 years.



Rules, Regulations and Red Tape

Double deck stands are sometimes classed as temporary builds. In such cases they need to adhere to strict building regulations.

Planning applications, working drawings and structural info need approval by local authorities. This ensures that the stand complies with health and safety guidelines.

With the Forescout stand, we had to look at the safety implications of the width and length of the staircase. The number of stairs per run are subject to additional regulations, as well as the distance of the bottom step to the front of the stand.  This sometimes limits the opportunity for a double deck due to the required minimum allowed space.

Local fire officers may insist that a sprinkler system and fire extinguishers are installed. Especially if the raised floor exceeds a certain percentage of the ground floor space. Fire exit signs and escape plans might also need to be in operation.

With offices and local expertise in over 15 countries, we know the requirements for most regions, thanks to years of global experience. 


When thinking about using a double decker exhibition stand, there are cost implications. Steel girders and materials are larger and heavier than ones on traditional stand builds. This could mean higher transport, man power and equipment costs, and longer build times. Depending on your long term plans, we offer the choice of outright purchase or hire

If your exhibition is abroad, we will do a feasbility study to establish whether it is more cost effective to source your stand locally, working with our local teams. They know local exhibition rules, the language, and have experience working at the venues. In some cases contractors can get in early at no extra costs to the client.




Forescout were able to offer their VIPs a “First Class” Experience. In addition to providing their team with a “balcony” style view of the show floor.  There were other perks to be enjoyed with the additional height, for example, we were able to give brand prominence to a striking 3D backlit logo which stood out across the entire exhibition space, and place icon graphics up the side of the large 8m wall.  There's no denying that this stand stood tall in a room of very good looking stands.

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